About Us

Dr. Ndiri Bayo Rome

The Bonaventure Dental Care is a purely dentistry practice founded by Dr Ndiri Bayo Rome. 

The Bonaventure Dental Care is a Limited liability healthcare which seeks to offer general and specialized dentistry to the citizens of Uganda and beyond. 

Bonaventure Dental Care is legally registered with registrar of companies in 2012 thus complies with the companies Act and Laws of Uganda. The firm was incorporated July 2012 with registrar of companies. 

Our Vision

Build to lead in Provision of Dental and Oral Maxillofacial Health Care

Our Mission

To Improve Dental And Oral Maxillofacial Health Care in Our Community through Treatment, Advocacy, Public Awareness And Education

Our Values

Respect: Act with respect towards every person or idea we encounter.

Accountable: Be accountable to people we care for and those we work with.

Collaboration: Embrace collaboration with all partners that help us to achieve our goals

Confidentiality: To Protect the information of all client’s interactions and cause a sense of trust and comfort

Transformation: To transform our community and organization to achieve better Oral Health outcomes.

Our Staff

Bonaventure Dental Care has an experienced staff who have unending desire to satisfy their customer needs. As the clinic gears up for provision of quality Dental services we have highly qualified staff

Dr. Ndiri Bayo Rome

Dental Surgeon. BDS (MUK)

Dr. Adaruku Kenedy

Dental Surgeon. BDS (MUK)

Dr. Candia Robert

Dental Surgeon. BDS (MUK)

Ms. Letaru Macklyn Faith

Accountant (CPA)

Ms. Sida Jackline

Dental Assistant

Mr. Asutia Emmanuel

Dental Lab Technologist (MUK)

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